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Sleep Apnea Test At Home


What Is A Home Sleep Test?

A home sleep test is a sleep study tool that is used for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea. As opposed to an overnight in-lab sleep test, a home sleep test allows you to sleep in the comfort of your own bed while the test is conducted. The home sleep test, which is done over the course of one to three nights, utilizes a portable monitoring device provided by NYC SleepWell. During the night while you sleep, your heart rate is monitored through sensors on the device that slip over your index finger to measure oxygen levels. Your breathing patterns, how loud you snore, and your sleep position are also monitored by the device. In addition, a small tube is placed in your nostrils to measure the amount of air you breathe in through your nose. After the recommended time period of your test – again, typically between one to three nights – you’ll return the equipment to NYC SleepWell and the data will be downloaded and processed for interpretation by a sleep specialist. Once the data has been interpreted, your sleep specialist will discuss the results with you and offer options for treatment. The treatment options we usually offer include an oral appliance, a CPAP Machine, or surgical treatment . In the case of very mild sleep apnea, the recommended treatment may simply involve weight loss and/or changes in your sleep habits, including your sleep position and reduced consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

Is the home sleep test as effective as an in-lab test?

Although the home sleep test does not provide the full array of tools and diagnostics available with an in-lab test, it is considered to be an effective test for obstructive sleep apnea – unless the patient has other issues such as congestive heart failure, lung disease or other sleep disorders. In those cases, we would arrange for in-lab testing to be conducted. Again, the main appeal of the home sleep test is convenience and comfort – in addition to cost.

How much does a home sleep test for obstructive sleep apnea cost?

The cost of a home sleep test and use of the equipment varies – and in most cases the cost is covered by insurance or Medicare if it is medically prescribed. That’s why it’s important to schedule an appointment with NYC SleepWell. Based on a medical history and physical exam, we’ll determine if testing is required in your case. At NYC SleepWell, our sleep specialists are experienced Board Certified doctors who will always recommend the best course of action for your needs. Our goal, plain and simple, is to help you sleep well and be healthy!


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