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“Dr. Cohen and Dr. Ray at NYC SleepWell literally saved my life with my sleep apnea problem! I was unable to tolerate the CPAP mask and went without using it for quite a while. Thanks to the oral appliance they had made for me, I now sleep better than I have in a long time. I sometimes forget I have the appliance in. That’s how comfortable it is. The only way to go!” Seth B.

“To the entire staff at NYC Sleep Well: Thank you for returning me to a normal sleep life. After the Pillar procedure, my snoring began to decrease. Now I’m waking up bright and early, ready for the day. No longer do I have to endure sleeping with machines, masks or mouth guards. And my wife is especially delighted that my snoring has stopped.” Asher W.

“Before seeing Dr. Cohen at NYC SleepWell, I used a CPAP machine at night. I hated the mask and hated the way I felt…. always connected to that hose. Now, with my oral appliance, I sleep better and don’t have to carry around the CPAP when I travel!” James A.

“I chose to have the genioglossus advancement procedure because I had a really severe case of sleep apnea. Because of my condition, I felt that it would be beneficial to take advantage of the operation. After receiving the procedure, I had a follow-up that showed that my sleep apnea was cured. Now, I no longer have to sleep with a CPAP machine and my wife is thrilled!” Russ M.

“They’ve taken care of me and my two kids, both had their tonsils removed. The ENT doctor that works with Dr. Cohen is fantastic. NYC SleepWell is a great choice if you think you may have a sleep problem.” Luis C.

“For all my life, I’ve always woken up exhausted. I was probably the worst morning person in the world. After the home sleep test, it was confirmed I had sleep apnea. I had the genioglossus and hyoid procedure all in one day, and after only a couple of months, I’m now a morning person! I never thought I could be so energetic.” Ramon R.

“I was diagnosed with sleep apnea after suffering from fatigue and anxiety for a number of years. I used a CPAP machine for three years but didn’t want to continue using it because of the mask and tubes. Dr. Cohen and Dr. Ray at NYC SleepWell suggested an oral appliance instead of the CPAP. I did as they suggested and am extremely happy with it. I feel re-energized about sleeping, functioning during the day, and life in general.” Alin B.

“I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Dr. Cohen for saving my life! I truly believe that if I had not fixed my sleep apnea, I probably would have had a heart. Since I started wearing my appliance at night, I am finally getting rest, and I have already lost 10 pounds since I started to use it. Going to bed is truly a pleasure instead of the usual snoring, gasping for air and frightful nightmares.” Carl M.

“Great service, friendly staff. Now I’m finally able to sleep a full night, waking up fresh and ready for the day.” Marisa P.

“The oral appliance has been great for me! It is so much easier to use than the CPAP. No longer do I have air blowing around me or new wrinkles on my face from the mask. It is very convenient and comfortable. Thank you!” Gabriel R.

“Our son was born with tongue-tie and our pediatrician referred us to Dr. Cohen to see about a frenectomy for him. My husband and I were obviously very anxious and nervous about having surgery done on a baby, but Dr. Cohen was incredibly calming and reassuring – and the procedure went off without a hitch. I would recommend any parents to see Dr. Cohen for their child!” Rachel B.

“Not only did I find the CPAP to be uncomfortable and inconvenient, but it made me feel old, humiliated and embarrassed when I went to bed. I’m only 52, but I felt like an old man in a hospital with that thing. When I told Dr. Cohen, he was very understanding and switched me to an oral appliance, which he had custom made for me. I find the appliance to be much easier to use, and I also feel better about myself. Thank you, NYC SleepWell!” Eddie T.

“I recommend everyone to go to NYC SleepWell. Dr. Cohen is down to earth and determined to resolve any issue that you’re having with slee. As an athlete I needed to find a place that could help me optimize my sleep for performance. I had been to several doctors and this is by far the most professional facility that I have been to. The staff is great and it’s most refreshing to see such teamwork in a clinic. Dr. Cohen and his team keep you on the path of least resistance. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” Henry S.

“I was referred to NYC SleepWell after being diagnosed with mild sleep apnea several months ago. From the moment I came in for my consult, I felt as though I was in good hands. Dr. Ray, Dr. Cohen and the whole team were amazing in terms of walking me through the process and making sure all of my questions were answered. After two weeks of using my dental appliance, the quality of my sleep has improved two fold. My energy level has increased and I feel rested when I wake, which is something I haven’t experienced in a very long time. I am so grateful to the team at the NYC SleepWell for their help and focus on me as a patient!” Kristin K.

“My experience at NYC SleepWell was very positive. Dr. Cohen was open and direct and did not oversell the potential of the outcome. The jaw surgery not only corrected my bite but also corrected my sleep. Four weeks after the surgery, I was back to work, 20 pounds lighter, and sleeping like a baby. It has now been a few months, and my wife has noticed a significant improvement in both my snoring and sleep apnea. My latest sleep study shows no sleep apnea!” Paul F.

“After having a sleep study at another sleep center, they put me on a CPAP. What a nightmare to one’s life! Always having to haul that thing around when traveling for work or on vacations. When I went to NYC SleepWell, Dr. Cohen had a custom sleep apnea oral appliance made for me, which has freed up my life. I’m now sleeping better than I ever did with CPAP. There’s also no noise to keep my wife awake. I would recommend it to anyone.” Samuel L.

“The staff at NYC SleepWell is friendly and very helpful. They helped with all the coordination with my insurance and paperwork. The appliance is so much better than the CPAP. I cannot express how easy it is to use. I am sleeping much better than with the CPAP. I travel a lot and the convenience of just putting the carrying case in my bag versus lugging the whole CPAP around is another plus.” Alysia C.

“I was referred to NYC SleepWell for an oral appliance. Dr. Cohen and his staff were extremely professional and thoughtful when it came to answering any of my questions and making me feel comfortable with my decision to have the treatment. The results were incredible. I never expected how dramatic of a difference the surgery would make!” David B.


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